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Omniware Networks is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes – to strengthen relations and understanding among peoples of different regions and backgrounds; to promote people’s knowledge and understanding of various cultures, values, arts and communities in a peaceful and enriching way.

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"Peace Love Unity" Youth Art Contest

Image about the contest ceremony Image about the contest



  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Fill in online entry form and submit a digital copy online.
  3. Print out online entry form and attach it to the backside of the original artwork (can write down the entry form information on the backside of the original artwork if printing is not available)
  4. Mail the original artwork (with entry form information on the backside of the artwork) to
    Art Contest
    46305 Landing Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538
  5. Deadline: both the online submission and the original artwork must be submitted and postmarked no later than April 5, 2022 for contest judgement / award ceremony.


In the face of hate and bias, the County of Santa Clara’s Division of Equity and Social Justice (DESJ), Omniware Networks (an IRS approved 501c(3) non-profit entity), and WAOYA are jointly organizing a youth art contest of ‘Peace Love Unity’ to encourage the awareness of students about the value of love and no hate, to encourage students to use artwork to express their feelings against hate crime, spread the love in our communities, and generate more impacts to students’ families, and all the audience to the artworks created, exhibited in the local communities.


Artworks must be original drawings on paper or canvas. For drawings on paper, the color and material of the paper can be chosen freely. The size of the paper is 14x17 inches (either portrait or landscape). Artworks can be created using artistic medium such as color pencils, markers, crayons, or paint (watercolors, acrylic, etc.). Artworks can not be created using digital tools on a computer. Collage or cutout pictures are allowed as part of simple drawings, but any materials or techniques that require special care in handling are not allowed.


All children and youth who reside in or attend schools (including art schools / programs) in the Santa Clara County, or who has relatives reside in, or work in, or commute through Santa Clara County, or who has been referred by a person resides in, works in, or an organization located in Santa Clara County.



Theme/Idea (50%)
Does the Artwork express the youth's idea and thoughts of a loving and hate-free community for all? Does the Artwork seem to address the value of love and no hate, to express their feelings against hate crime, and/ or to spread the love in our communities? Does the Artwork seem to promote the understanding and relationship building ideas and activities among community members? Does the artwork stimulate sympathy, resonance, and/or emotion for the viewer?


Artistry (50%)

The design of the Artwork will be rated in terms of composition, coloring, and technique.


3 types of awards per age category:



Partners: County of Santa Clara Division of Equity and Social Justice, Palo Alto City Library, Los Altos Hills, Saratoga Library, County of Santa Clara Supervisor Joe Simitian District 5, Los Altos History Museum, Sunnyvale Public Library, Parti Program, World Association of Young Artists Business Sponsors: Costco Wholesale, Trader Joe's, Oriental Trading